About Us

DiaperU was established in May 2022, and all of our team members are 100% AB/DL. Our goal is to create high-quality, creative, and cute ABDL products to share with others. We understand that every ABDL has their own unique desires and preferences, and we hope our products can meet the needs of adult babies, diaper lovers, mommies, and daddies alike. In addition to our product line, we also have a dream of building an ABDL community called "DiaperU ABDL-Metaverse", where we can share our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and love. We know that this will be a challenging task, but we are committed to doing our best to develop this community. Join us and let's create our own little community, as only ABDLs truly understand what other ABDLs need.

Thank you for your support in the future. 今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。謝謝大家未來的支持。앞으로도 많은 지원 부탁드립니다. Gracias por el apoyo en el futuro.

DiaperU Execlusive Design

More ABDL products are coming soon. STAY TUNED.

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